The Green Dress

book coverBy Liz Tolzma

** Publication Date 1 June 2020 **

3.75 stars

It’s 1886 in Boston and Harriet Peters has finally gotten what she’s always wanted – her own flat above her own millinery shop. While working in her shop one day, her best friend Lizzie’s brother arrives to ask her to come quickly. Lizzie has taken ill with the mysterious illness that keeps killing members of the family. It’s Harriet’s worst nightmare – the thought of Lizzie dying.

Lizzie’s family had taken Harriet in when she had nothing. Harriet feels completely beholden to them. So when Lizzie’s mother asks her to move back into the house, Harriet reluctantly agrees. The children, Tommy and Gracie need her. But will she be risking her own life by doing so? Are these deaths just a strange illness that has taken the Robinson family? Or is there something more sinister going on? Harriet cannot imagine that there is a serial killer in the Robinson family, still, these deaths one after another by the same illness make no sense.

What I love about this series of novels is that each one takes a real life accounting of crime in our nation’s past and creates a new story including the details of the crime. The True Colors series addresses sometimes horrible crimes, but also includes some Biblical wisdom and teachings. No spoilers here! Read the novel and see whom you think might be responsible! And when you’re done reading The Green Dress, definitely move on to other books in the series. You won’t be disappointed. 

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