Someone Else’s Secret

book coverBy Julia Spiro

** Publication Date 1 July 2020 **

4 stars

Lindsey is about to graduate from Bowdoin with an art degree, but as yet she cannot find an internship or a job in her selected field. During the graduation luncheon, her professor introduces her to a family in need of a nanny. The last thing Lindsey wants to be is a nanny, but the family collects art and have connections that could help Lindsey. Plus, the job is to spend the summer on Martha’s Vineyard. How bad could it be?

Georgie is almost fifteen. She chose not to go to sleep away camp this summer so she could spend the whole summer on the Vineyard with her family. The only catch is that she has to work if she’s skipping camp. Georgie hopes she can get hired at the coolest place on the island. Maybe if that happens, her lifelong friends will let her back in the circle. 

The book opens with a dream sequence but without telling us who is having the dream. Just that it is happening ten years after the summer on the Vineyard. It foreshadows something terrible that will happen. Gives us some insight into the fact that though Lindsey and Georgie were hoping for the perfect summer, the summer was not so perfect after all.

I felt like the book was a bit on the slow side to start, but as it progressed, it picked up steam. Both characters are trying so hard to be something other than their real selves. It’s kind of tragic how they want to fit into worlds that perhaps aren’t the best fit for them. The story is well written and quite the enjoyable read. The prologue sets the tone, and most of the novel is spent waiting for the other shoe to drop. In the end I greatly enjoyed this read.

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