Side Trip

book coverBy Kerry Lonsdale

** Publication Date 7 July 2020 **

4.5 stars

Joy is the epitome of the “California girl.” She’s on a road trip down Route 66, driving a convertible New Beetle, listening to 50s music, wearing 50s clothes and making stops at every 50s and 60s roadside attraction and diner along the way. But this isn’t the real Joy. The real Joy is a surfer girl. Levis cutoffs and flip flops. So why is she impersonating someone else?

Dylan is pissed off and frustrated. He’s stuck in a diner parking lot with a piece of crap car that’s he’s supposed to be driving across the country. Then he spots Joy in the diner. He approaches Joy to borrow a phone, and maybe get a ride somewhere. Joy finds him incredibly rude and annoying, but agrees to give him a lift to Flagstaff, AZ. However, there is one side trip they have to make along the way.

As a native Californian with a little red New Beetle (not a convertible, sadly,) this book screamed to me. Loved the premise of a new college grad making a trip across the country to meet her fiancé in New York and getting sidetracked by a handsome guitar player. The book was intriguing, moving back and forth between before – the actual road trip, and after – when the road trip ends. I laughed and cried with Joy and Dylan. 

Lonsdale has written a keeper. A book that could be a great beach read, but for me was a great quarantine read. It brightened my spirits while stuck inside during this health crisis. I loved how Lonsdale described in her author’s notes about the book coming to her in a moment. The whole story! Her writing and storytelling are a gift. Loved this one.

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