The Second Home

book coverBy Christina Clancy

** Publication Date 2 June 2020 **

Two siblings and two educator parents in Milwaukee bring a teenage boy into their home, eventually adopting him. Ann and Poppy love Michael and are thrilled to have him be a member of their family, until one disastrous trip to the family’s second home in Cape Cod. Michael, Poppy and Ann will live the next 15 years of their lives estranged, until a family catastrophe brings them all back together in that second home.

I loved the concept of this book at first sight. What would it take for a “perfect” family to bring another child, no less a teenager, into their home? How would two teenage girls react to a new member of the family, especially a boy? How would this teenage boy assimilate and feel comfortable being a member of a firmly established group?

Christina Clancy does an amazing job of weaving these five people into one coherent family group. Even though Ann and Michael are the same age, and Poppy is younger, no one feels left out of the family unit. Ed and Connie, the parents, do everything they can to keep the family together and functioning normally. Until that summer in Cape Cod when the family splinters irreparably. Or is it? Because of Clancy’s ability to write this story in three voices, we see each sibling’s side of the story and how their lives were changed. 

Honestly, this was absolutely a “can’t put it down” type of book. I wanted to find out how the pieces would or wouldn’t come back together. Excellent book.

4.75 stars

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