On Ocean Boulevard

book coverBy Mary Alice Monroe

** Publication Date 19 May 2020 **

Having read the other books in the Beach House series, it was wonderful to revisit Primrose Cottage and see what everyone has been up to. Cara is engaged to her wonderful man David. Linnea is headed back home after living in California with John. The Turtle Team is still tracking and saving the sea turtle population in South Carolina.

If you haven’t read any of this series, do not fret. You can pick up one book and follow along as well as starting at the beginning. Mary Alice Monroe is wonderful at weaving all the threads of the previous stories together. Yes, it’s nice to get to know everyone and their history, but there isn’t a burning need to do so. You will learn everything you need to know about where they’ve been.

One of the nice things about these books is the time that Monroe takes to educate us about the issues with the sea turtle population. She also explains about preservation and what we can do to help. These glorious old creatures deserve a fighting chance to survive, and through education, we can save them. I like when a book weaves in current day issues, and in this case, actually lets us know how to make changes that can help.

This will be a fabulous beach read, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Personally, curling up with a summer read in the middle of winter works for me too. It’s nice to imagine the ocean breezes when there is snow on the ground. No matter when you pick this one up, it is going to be a book you will remember.

4.5 stars

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