Freaky in Fresno

book coverBy Laurie Boyle Crompton

** Publication Date 11 Feb 2020 **

3.75 stars

Ricki and Lana may be cousins, but they are nothing alike. At one time inseparable, they have drifted apart over the last year and half. Ricki is still the horror movie/gore queen. Lana is now the social media starlet. When their Aunt May decides that the girls need to reunite, Lana and Ricki get the shock of their lives.

Over the steering wheel of a 1966 Buick Skylark Convertible, pink no less, Ricki and Lana find out what it’s like to live in the other’s shoes. Literally. At the old drive in theater, crazy magic happens and just like the movie Freaky Friday, Lana is now Ricki and Ricki is now Lana. Now the girls will be forced to survive as each other until they can find a way out of this mess.

Adorable story about two teens who need a lesson in love, life and tolerance. Told from Ricki’s point of view, she is the one who felt betrayed by Lana when Lana’s YouTube channel took off. But once she is Lana, she is able to see things very differently. While Lana’s life looks glamorous, maybe things aren’t as rosy. And with Lana in Ricki’s body, Lana is able to do things that Ricki would never dream of doing herself. 

This is a story about family as well. Ricki and Lana’s mothers, as well as their Aunt May have some fences to mend. The car is the magnet that brings this whole family back together, for the better. With a little bit of romance and a whole lot of fun, this is a quick and adventurous YA novel. Since this is part of a series of novels loosely based around classic YA movies, it makes for a great summer series. Watch the movie. Read the book. Or the other way around.

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