In Her Shadow

book coverBy Kristin Miller

** Publication Date 21 April 2020 **

4.5 stars wel

Holy moly what a twisted, wild ride. 

The beginning of this novel finds us witnessing Colleen broken and bleeding on the floor of the wine cellar at Ravenwood. There is a dark figure at the top of the wine cellar stairs. And then we switch to the past, and the title of the chapter is “One Week until Colleen’s murder.” 

Colleen is pregnant with Michael’s baby and about to move into Michael’s home, Ravenwood. It is a spectacular home set across from a Monterey cypress grove and the Pacific Ocean. It is an exclusive community known as Point Reina. Michael and his wife owned this home, but his wife Joanna has been missing for about six months now. Missing, as in left and hasn’t been heard from. Colleen is understandably uncomfortable entering Joanna’s domain, but Michael is insistent that it’s time.

About 24 hours after Colleen has moved into Ravenwood, a body is found in the cypress grove. A woman’s body. The small, close knit community of Point Reina is thrown into a media circus as police and forensics comb the grove and unearth the body. Who is the woman in the shallow grave? 

In Her Shadow makes every character a suspect, in the tradition of Sherlock Holmes. Each character has secrets behind the mask worn every day for the world. It is such a small community, it is amazing that they can keep all these secrets hidden. But Miller has written a novel that was so compelling, I finished it in two nights (would have been one but I did finally have to fall asleep!) 

Loved this crazy story about wealth, privilege, and the secrets we keep to keep up appearances. Can’t put it down!

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