Charleston Green

book coverBy Stephanie Alexander

** Publication Date 14 April 2020 **

3.75 stars

Charleston Green is the magic color created by mixing black with another color to produce a very dark shade of green. The title and color have a prominent role in this story about a single mom with the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. Recently divorced, Tipsy Collins is an artist without a home. Her brother-in-law allows her to stay at his childhood home until he figures out what to do with it.

The childhood home in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, had been home to Henry and Jane Mott. Tragically, Henry and Jane died back in the 1920s of suspect circumstances. Now they are trapped in the home that Tipsy will soon be occupying with her three children. With Tipsy’s gift for talking to the dead, Jane and Henry will make a new friend, and possibly find out why they’ve been trapped in a house for nearly a century. Along the way, perhaps Tipsy can recapture her gifts as an artist, to be able to make a living and support her children.

What a charming book! I loved the way that Tipsy befriended the ghosts and took on their troubles to try to solve why they were trapped in the home. I was shocked to learn of the divorce rules in the state of South Carolina, and how Tipsy ended up being denied any alimony.
However, this was an important plot point to force Tipsy to get back to working as an artist, not just working in a gallery.

Alexander brought to life the charm and beauty of the Old South, and shared with us some of its darker secrets. She also created characters that resonate with most of us. What was most fun was how to she brought to life the ghosts so that they did not seem odd at all. This was a quick and sweet read. I would recommend it.

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