The Roxy Letters

book coverBy Mary Pauline Lowry

** Publication Date 7 April 2020 **

Roxy has decided to allow her ex-boyfriend Everett to move in with her while he tries to get on his feet. She leaves him a letter in the kitchen that outlines the rules for his living with her. The rules are fairly comical and definitely outline some boundaries that Roxy is trying to set. This first letter sets into motion a whole spiral notebook of letters that Roxy pens to Everett over the course of a six month period.

As an artist, Roxy has not fulfilled her potential. Her other ex-boyfriend, Brant, ran off with one of her designs and turned it into a logo for a natural products business. This wouldn’t be so bad, but Roxy is a deli maid for Whole Foods, and just about everyone seems to have this product in their baskets. Meanwhile her bestie Annie has moved up to the fifth floor working for the CEO (lite) of Whole Foods. Roxy is in a major funk.  But the tides are gonna turn for Roxy when she meets Artemis, a wild and crazy female who along with Annie, inspires Roxy to get back on her feet.

This was an exceptionally fun book. Roxy is hysterical, always praying to Venus and seemingly choosing the wrong paths. Lowry has written a book that is a look at what it’s like to be a young, single female not sure of what comes next for you. I whizzed through this one, wanting to know if Roxy ever gets it right. The format is a nice change from the usual novel, because each letter to Everett gives us all the insight we need into Roxy’s present state of mind. 

Loved this one! Highly recommend.

4 stars

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