One Perfect Summer

book cover

by Brenda Novak

** Publication Date 7 April 2020 **

4 stars


DNA tests are all the rage right now. But what if you find unexpected results when you take one? Serenity took one for a book she was writing and found out she had two half siblings. Now the three of them are meeting at Serenity’s family cabin in Lake Tahoe to figure out what’s next. How do they solve the mystery of their relation – and who are their parents?

Serenity has a picture perfect family in California, mom and dad and brothers and sisters. Reagan was raised by a New York fashion designer with no desire to have kids. Lorelai was found wandering the streets of Orlando at two. What connects these three individuals?

The novel is told by four characters – Serenity, Reagan, Lorelai and the Lake Tahoe next door neighbor, Finn. Novak, who is quite the prolific author, does a wonderful job of navigating what it would be like to suddenly find out you have siblings. She brings three very different individuals, each with her own set of problems and life experiences, together and makes them a family. Just like any family, this won’t be without some trials.

As an adoptee this book screamed out to me. I too took a DNA test and found my birth family. Real life, so the book had a lot to live up to! I wasn’t disappointed at all. The mystery surrounding their births, the personal issues that each woman has to face, all of it was riveting to read. I loved this book. Well written and inspiring in many ways. Novak wrote a fictional novel that brings together all the elements of finding your new family.

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