book coverBy Steinunn Sigurðardóttir

** Publication Date 10 March 2020 **

What caught my eye about this book was the fact that Heida is a sheep farmer. What kept me reading the book was the fascinating story about Heida’s life in Iceland, raising sheep, farming, and fighting against environmental destruction. Heida is a force to be reckoned with.

Raised in Iceland, Heida has been many things – a teacher, a professional shearer, an activist, a police presence, a model, and a sheep farmer. She grew up in a small farming town, and as a young adult chose farming over the bright lights of New York City and the glamorous life of a fashion model. She learned farming and sheep raising with the passion that her life encompasses. This is a woman who does not shy away from much.

When faced with a giant power company threatening her land, Heida does not retreat, but mounts a battle against the power company to save her land, her water source, and the beauty that is Iceland. Her ability to stand up for what is right leads people to want her to run for office. And while she is hesitant to do so, she also knows that it is something that would allow her to have a better say in the changes to both her community and the rest of Iceland.

The format of the story tended to be a little difficult – almost a stream of consciousness. Some of the sections were really short, and some continued on later in the book. The book is written in the four seasons of a year with Heida. It tends to read more like a journal, with bits and pieces of her daily life recorded. Even with the odd format, I loved her story. She can be quite the inspiration and role model for young women today. Follow your heart, follow your path, and don’t let others tell you just because you are a female that it can’t be done. 

4.25 stars

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