Don’t Turn Back (DS Karen Hart #3)

Book CoverBy D. S. Butler

** Publication Date 26 March 2020 **

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Here I go again, jumping into a book series midstream! DS Karen Hart #3, otherwise known as “Don’t Turn Back” finds our detective investigating the murder of an unknown man in a public park. Since this is my first book with DS Hart, it was possible I wouldn’t know or understand what was going on, but that was not the case. I was easily able to jump in and follow the story. Butler gives us plenty of background info to pick up the series or read this as a standalone.

A woman and her dog uncover a body in a wooded area of a public park. DS Hart is called to investigate, but then an object is found that could tie the murder to a previous case of hers. DS Hart is called off the murder investigation and put back into the fire with the previous case. The owners of a local pub are the focus of the old case, and DS Hart has always had a feeling that they were involved in the deaths of her husband and daughter. 

Organized crime and police corruption abound in this novel. A very well written crime story that also tugs at the heartstrings. There are a lot of characters to follow, but each is unique and makes it a bit easier to keep up with the story. I always find that series are better when started from the beginning. Still, I truly enjoyed this story and would love to read more of Butler’s writing and find out where DS Hart ends up next. Perhaps also read numbers one and two and catch up.

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