In an Instant

By Suzanne Redfearn

** Publication Date 01 March 2020 **

Finn is your average teenage girl headed out on a family trip to the mountains. Coming along with the family is her best friend Mo, and her parents longtime friends Aunt Karen & Uncle Bob. Their daughter Natalie, whom Finn and Mo despise will also be along for the trip. Finn’s family has had this cabin on a remote mountain road for generations. 

Finn’s brother Oz has a mental disability that makes him behave as though he’s much younger than his 13 years. Her father has given up his career and life to care for Oz, as there hasn’t been a caregiver able to handle him for many years. Finn’s mom is an attorney. Mo is an only child with a rather protective mother, but she’s learned to trust Finn’s family.

Everyone piles into the “Miller Mobile” for the trip. Once they reach the cabin, the snow is starting to fall, and all the kids rush into the cabin to claim their beds for the weekend. It is President’s Day weekend. Dad has promised Oz pancakes for dinner, and though the weather is changing fast, once a promise is made to Oz that promise must be kept. So the family piles back into the van for the trip to the local diner. Along the way they pass a young man along the road with a broken down car. They pick him up to drop him in town.

At a rather precarious point on the road, a deer suddenly darts in front of the vehicle, though best attempts are made, the van loses control and careens down an embankment imperiling everyone inside. It is night, the snow is falling, and some of the occupants are hardly dressed for this weather. 

In an Instant is a novel about finding out who you are in the darkest moments, and who you are when the moment has passed. Redfearn has done an incredible job of relaying a story of life and death and after death in the most riveting and gripping fashion. I could not put this book down. Chapters are short which keeps the story moving at a fast pace. The characters are not perfect, and we get to see some of the darkest sides of human nature, as well as some of the brightest. The novel captures an interesting concept of storytelling from one person’s view.

4.5 stars

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