Shadow Play (Bill Slider #20)

book coverBy Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

** Publication Date 05 March 2020 **

A mysterious body is found near an auto shop in a derelict corner of Shepherd’s Bush. With no ID and the auto shop owner claiming he’s never seen the man, Bill Slider has quite the mystery to solve. What was a smartly dressed man doing out here and who is he? With the rest of his team of detectives, Slider will piece together the puzzle.

Again I’m hopping smack into the middle of a series. When I began this book, I didn’t realize it was number 20 (20!) of the Bill Slider mysteries. Perhaps that is why I was a bit confused by the number of characters to follow. Even still, I enjoyed this book quite a bit. British mysteries have been sprinkled throughout my to-read list lately. I find them a nice break from other genres I read.

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles is clearly a prolific author with the number of series I found of hers on Goodreads. She writes a nice procedural. Plenty of questions to be answered, it wasn’t clear who was responsible until nearly the end. I loved the way she wove some human interest into the story as well. A very well rounded mystery, I will look forward to others in this series.

3.75 stars

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