The Perfect Mother

book coverBy Caroline Mitchell

** Publication Date 14 January 2020 **

Roz is in her mid-20s and working as a housekeeper for a hotel in Dublin. She shares a flat with her best friend of 20 years, Dympna. When Roz realizes she’s pregnant, she knows she cannot share the identity of the father, and as she’s barely scraping by, raising a child on her own would be a challenge. Roz didn’t have the best childhood. She wants better for her own child.

After finding a site online that pairs prospective parents with birth mothers, she thinks she’s found the solution. When she gets matched with a couple that are considered the “diamond” variety, she’s ecstatic. Her enthusiasm grows as she emails and talks to the woman over the phone. They arrange for her to travel to New York City to visit. For Dympna, warning bells go off about this couple, but Roz is blinded by the fact they are wealthy and famous.

The Perfect Mother is chilling at times. Roz’s newfound parents seem like the perfect couple on the surface, but underneath lies a frightening dark side. Mitchell has expertly created a novel that will keep you engrossed and awake past your bedtime. I enjoyed hearing the story from three different points of view. Sheridan, the adoptive mom-to-be, had such a wicked inner dialogue. A fabulous contrast to Roz’s wide-eyed enthusiasm. The dirty details of the story were very well written, owing to Mitchell’s previous life as a detective.

Definitely a nail biter. I was not expecting several of the twists and turns along the way. Loved this and look forward to reading other books by Caroline Mitchell.

4 stars on Goodreads

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