Buzz Kill

book coverBy David Sosnowski

** Publication Date 28 January 2020**

Pandora lives in Fairbanks, Alaska with her dad, Roger. Pandora has a highly expressive face, similar to Jim Carrey. Because of her face, people tend to make fun of and pick on Pandora. Not to mention she was homeschooled for many years, and her house has no real doors, except for the entry ones. In spite of all this, Pandora is gifted. She can write code and hack with the best of them. 

George Jedson (yes, his real name) is a teenager on the run. Part of the foster system, he has figured out how to live on his own. George is also a gifted coder. He’s figured out how to hack the computer system on a very elite electric vehicle. This particular EV belongs to a tech giant CEO with a flair for the dramatic. So when George takes over this vehicle, it definitely draws attention.

Roger, Pandora’s dad, is a psychiatrist for the company that said CEO runs. He works remotely from Fairbanks. When Pandora does something unthinkable to some classmates, his punishment for her is to start visiting her grandmother, Gladys. Gladys has dementia and lives in a nursing home. It’s supposed to be a punishment, but turns out to be everything Pandora never knew she needed. 

This was the first novel by Sosnowski that I’ve read. He is a witty writer, with a knack for drawing you into the story. I loved how he brought all these characters together, and highlighted the vulnerability of two idealistic teenagers on a quest to change the world. Buzz Kill brims with humor in spite of its fairly dark concept. It is both science fiction and a love story, and what happens when your ideals overtake your rationale. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good tech/sci fi read. The dialogue keeps it snapping along and the end will utterly terrify you.

4 stars


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