A Cold Trail

By Robert Dugoni

** Publication Date 04 February 2020 **

Tracy and Dan have moved back to their hometown of Cedar Grove, WA. Tracy, a homicide detective, and Dan, an attorney, are having their home in Redmond renovated after the birth of their two month old daughter Daniella. Cedar Grove is where they grew up, and Dan’s parent’s house is the perfect weekend home for their little family.

Tragedy lurks in Cedar Grove as well. Tracy’s sister Sarah was killed many years ago, followed by the death of another teen, Heather Johannsen. Now Kimberly Armstrong, wife of the police chief and former friend of Heather’s, has died as well. Coincidence or is something more evil at play here in Cedar Grove. 

Lately I’ve been drawn to mysteries and thrillers. Something just a little bit darker than your usual chick lit. A Cold Trail brings a lot of great elements together. Small town, lifetime friends and acquaintances, and murder. The time travel sequences in this book that share the first hand experiences of the victims intertwined with the current day investigation into what really happened lends an interesting feel to the story. Throughout the book one is left wondering who was really responsible for these crimes, are they linked, and what was the motive? 

I greatly enjoyed this trip to Cedar Grove, Washington. The dark and twisty nature of this story was just enough to make my skin crawl, but not so much that I was afraid to turn out the lights. 

4.5 stars

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