The Girl at the Door

By Veronica Raimo 

** Publication Date 18 October 2019 **

The Girl at the Door takes us to a mythical country called Miden. Miden is supposedly a place like Eden, or Camelot, where life is good. There is a basic standard of living that every citizen has. There is medical care and maternity leave. The country is run by Commissions that make the decisions affecting the citizens. If you aren’t born in Miden, you must apply to visit and to live there. Applications are carefully reviewed before granting anyone access. And if you break the rules, the punishment might find you moving back where you came from.

The novel is told from two points of view, his and hers, and that’s all we know about the two main characters. They are partners, and she is pregnant with his child. He works at the Academy, as a professor of philosophy. One day a girl appears at their door when he is at work. She states that she must talk to the girlfriend (her) about the boyfriend (him.) The girl had an affair with Him before he met Her. She no longer considers it an affair, she feels she was pressured into having sex with him. He is being charged with rape. This is how the story begins.

This novel was originally published in Italian. Not sure if it was the translation, but it was very stilted. The dialogue, the flow, felt very choppy to me. The switch from Her to Him sometimes was odd. The land of Miden was never fully explained, only hints here and there of the world having a huge crash. There were times that I felt very confused by the book. I just held onto the Him and Her part of the story to keep track. I didn’t love this book, and at times I simply wanted to quit. The end was pretty good, so I’m glad I finished it. 

3 stars on Goodreads

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