Raven Lane

By Amber Cowie

** Publication Date 12 November 2019 **

It’s always been my dream to live in the perfect neighborhood. You know the one where all the neighbors are friends, have communal dinners, kids are all buddies. The kind of neighbors you can count on under any circumstances. Well, I had that dream until reading Raven Lane. 

Raven Lane takes us to one such neighborhood, a cul de sac with a group of people that are similarly minded and good friends. People that have each other’s backs. Weekly dinners and monthly parties and barbecues. All of that good stuff. Until one night when an accident occurs, throwing their happy little homes into turmoil. The kind that people simply don’t always recovery from.

Esme and Benedict are the focal couple of this story, and it’s told from Esme’s point of view. Esme was once an up and coming actress. Benedict once a celebrated fashion model. Until things get turned upside down for Esme in the film business, and Benedict is dropped because of his drug and alcohol habits. They start over by moving to Raven Lane, getting married and having a daughter. Esme opens a restaurant and Benedict a modeling agency. One night when they are celebrating one of Benedict’s clients, he accidentally hits his neighbor Torn, a famous author, with his bike, knocking him headlong into the street. With all these famous people involved in what should have been a quiet, but tragic, accident, it makes the news. And turns everyone on Raven Lane’s lives upside down.

I could not put this book down. Raven Lane appears to be such an idyllic place to live, but when the stuff hits the fan, it’s amazing how everything breaks down. Tragic, compelling and page turning, Amber Cowie has written a book with a little bit of romance and mystery. She shows us the dark side that everyone has, we are just all fairly good at keeping them hidden. This is a good one. 


4.25 stars on Goodreads

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