Christmas in Vermont

By Anita Hughes

** Publication Date 15 October 2019 **

Christmas in Vermont is a book I would add to my holiday collection of books. During the holidays, I love to read books that are similar to the Hallmark Channel movies, and this one fits that bill perfectly.

Emma is a  30 something copywriter for a large advertising firm in New York City. She replaces her boyfriends on an annual basis, usually right before the holidays. This year’s ex is Scott, with whom she was supposed to be spending Christmas in Hawaii. Scott had not only gifted Emma with an amazing vacation to Hawaii, he had also given her a beautiful bracelet. Emma is going to pawn this bracelet and donate the money to charity, but she sees a watch in the display case that looks very similar to the one she gifted her first love, Fletcher, back in college. The watch is what sets off a series of events that her friend Bronwyn calls “synchronicity.”

I got so wrapped up in this story that I simply couldn’t put it down. Emma’s habit of giving boyfriends 364 days before sending them on their way makes you wonder if she will ever find true love. Bronwyn’s intervention sends Emma on a holiday adventure that is predictable, but still thoroughly enjoyable.

If you enjoy those endless Hallmark movies at the holidays, this is the book for you. Cute, fun, romantic, seasonal… all those adjectives sum up perfectly what this book is about. Because I love those movies for transporting me into romantic holiday wonderland, I loved this book. Quick and sweet read.

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