Billy’s Brain and Other Liars

By Jemma Mahadeo

** Publication Date 2019 (not set yet) **

Billy is a teenager with a problem. For some unknown reason, he has become the most hated kid in school. It may be that he’s kind of a nerd. Or it may be that he is a bit awkward, but aren’t most teenagers? He only finds solace in his best friend Alistair’s garage, playing music. When Alistair turns his back on Billy, Billy finds himself with no allies other than his parents.

Fion has gone astray. Her life fell apart when her brother died. Then her father. She found herself out on the street doing what she could to chase her next high. But things have gotten really bad and she doesn’t know how much longer she can make it.

Jamie is a cop with a heart of gold. He wants to fix the world. He spends his free time with his trusty dog Arthur or visiting his mum in the senior care center. When he and Fion cross paths, he makes it his mission to try to save her too.

Jemma Mahadeo has created a world that is far from perfect. There is a lot of pain and sorry and tragedy in this novel, but there is also a lot of hope. She takes people that are clearly broken in different ways and brings them all together to tell an amazing story. I loved how the individual tales of Billy, Fion and Jamie were all woven together in an intricate way. This novel is beautiful.

4 stars

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