A Perfect Cornish Christmas

book coverBy Phillipa Ashley

** Publication Date 31 October 2019 **

Ellie has been running from her past for years, but when the manor owned by her late Aunt Joan is vacant and needing a caretaker, she jumps at the chance to settle in and rest for a bit.

For Christmas, Ellie sets up household for the entire family – mum & dad, sister Scarlett, brother Marcus and his wife Heidi and two kids. It is to be the perfect family Christmas. Until it isn’t. The surprise gift from Scarlett and Ellie to the family turns out to bring more surprises than expected. It sends the family into shock and turns everyone’s lives upside down. 

Fast forward to fall of the next year when her sister Scarlett is finding herself at odd ends as well, so Scarlett requests to join Ellie in Porthmellow. Thankfully the house is large and the sisters good friends. Together they begin to make Porthmellow home. Along the way they’ll maybe find a little romance and perhaps put the pieces of the mess they made last Christmas back togehter.

102 degrees here in sunny AZ. What better time to curl up with a cozy holiday story set in the English seaside?  A Perfect Cornish Christmas finds us back in Porthmellow, Cornwall with all the characters Porthmellow has to offer. While this book is part of Ashley’s Porthmellow series, it can be read as a standalone novel. And should! I am a huge fan of Phillipa Ashley’s sweet books set on the English coast. Her characters are lovely, and the stories end on a happy note. When you are searching for the perfect holiday book to keep you company with a cup of hot chocolate, pick this one. 


3.75 stars on Goodreads

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