Meet Me in Monaco

book coverBy Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb

** Publication Date 23 July 2019**

Princess Grace was the princess of American film before she ever became the Princess of Monaco. The world was captivated by Grace Kelly, and then when Prince Rainier captured her heart, the world was captivated by their marriage. Meet Me in Monaco takes us back to when Grace was just Grace and through the courtship and nuptials. And while Grace is the backdrop for the story, Sophie and James take center stage.

Sophie Duval is a parfumier in Cannes. While her shop and apartment are in Cannes, her heart is in her hometown of Grasse where the flowers for her perfumes are grown and pressed. Her late father passed along his knowledge and love for perfume to Sophie. On a fateful day during the Cannes Film Festival, Grace Kelly pops into her shop to hide from a British photographer, James Henderson. Sophie hides Grace in her office, to escape the rude paparazzi.

Meanwhile, James captures Sophie on film and in his heart forever. Happenstance puts him near Grace, who notices the lovely scent James has on a business card in his pocket. James passes along Sophie’s business card, which then puts Grace and Sophie back in contact, establishing a friendship that will last the ages. James finishes his time in Cannes and Monaco, and heads back to Britain to be with his daughter Emily, yet Sophie never leaves his mind or his heart.

Meet Me in Monaco is a bit of historical fiction that was a pleasure to read. While I’ve never been to Provence or Cannes, the novel transported me to a place lush with French food and flowers. I enjoyed getting to know Sophie and James and how their lives were entwined with that of Grace Kelly’s. Grace’s kindness helped Sophie with her business and her love life. It was all rather enchanting. 

3.5 stars on Goodreads

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