The Years After You

book coverBy Emma Woolf

** Publication Date 10 September 2019 **

Lily is 30 years old and single. Well, sort of single. She’s been involved in a long term affair with her boss Harry. It’s not really a secret. Most of her coworkers suspect and her family knows, in fact, he’s even attended some family events. But his wife only suspects. Yes, his wife Pippa is suspicious, but as yet doesn’t have any hard proof of the affair. Just Harry’s bizarre behavior and constant absences. Not to mention when he is present, he’s not really present, always on his mobile phone.

When Lily runs into an old flame, David, they strike up a friendship again. Lily and David both wonder, what if? However, David is going through a sudden and emotional divorce, and of course Lily has Harry. Harry starts to suspect that maybe Lily is pulling away, which sends him into a tizzy. Yet, Harry doesn’t want to leave his boys. Pippa yes, but not the two children they’ve had. So now what?

The Years After You faces marital affairs from all three sides. The primary part of the book is from Lily’s point of view. There are parts from Harry’s as well. And then Pippa tells her story through her blog. It is an interesting format for viewing each character’s rationalization and situation. Lily knows that the affair is wrong, but she’s madly in love with Harry and can’t imagine life without him. Harry is also in love with Lily, but can’t see his way to breaking with his family. And poor Pippa, she’s just caught in the mess. 

I found this book interesting in the way that it addressed the affair and how it affected the three parties involved. It’s very easy to see the wife’s view, as she is the aggrieved party, but you don’t always hear all three sides in one place. The way this book is presented allowed you to have compassion for all three people in the affair. The only ones passing judgement are the characters themselves. It’s an interesting approach. 

The book was a rather quick read for me. I’m not sure if that’s because I was waiting for the next shoe to drop, or if it was a simple read. Either way, I finished it rather quickly and enjoyed it thoroughly. While the publication date is well past summer, it is definitely one of those beach or hammock reads that is hard to put down.

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