The Starlight Claim

By Tim Wynne-Jones

** Publication Date 10 September 2019 **

Braving the outdoors to head up to his family’s camp in Northern Ontario, Nate has a mission. His friend Dodge went missing several months ago when his family decided to deliver a refrigerator to their own camp, down the road from Nate’s. In a terrible accident, the boat capsized. Dodge’s dad and brother were found dead in the lake, but Dodge never was. Nate is determined to find Dodge.

Burl, Nate’s dad, made sure that Nate and his friend Paul were trained and ready to handle anything being up at camp alone. Paul has pulled out of the trip, which Nate didn’t tell his dad. So Nate heads up to camp anyway. But what Nate comes across when he gets there, even Burl couldn’t have planned for.

I was captivated by The Starlight Claim. Wynne-Jones has created a story that will hold you captive until the last page. Nate is your typical teenager. Dodge as well. They are very real characters encountering extraordinary circumstances. It’s an adventure from start to finish. I would highly recommend this suspense novel to anyone looking for a good read.

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