The Long Call

By Ann Cleeves

** Publication Date 3 September 2019 **

When a murder occurs on a strip of beach in Devon, Matthew Venn is on the case to try to solve it. This murder hits close to home because he lives not far from the site of the killing, but also because the man murdered has ties to his husband Jonathan’s place of work. Death is prominent in this day in Matthew’s life, as he has just left the burial of his own father, someone he’d been estranged from for years. 

As the pieces of the murder puzzle come together, not only is Jonathan’s place of work, The Woodyard centering in the story, but also Jonathan himself. Matthew has to distance himself from thinking of his husband as his husband, and more as a possible suspect in the crime. But there are plenty of other characters that might be just as guilty. Could his parents’ religious order The Brethren have anything to do with it? Just how many people are involved in this crime and why? 

Ann Cleeves has woven a tale of suspense and mystery in a gloomy little seaside town. The Long Call is not only in the perfect setting, but has fantastic characters as well. She creates little turns and drops small hints throughout the story, never revealing enough until the time has come. It is a great mystery how all the pieces will come together in the end, but come together they do. Each character plays their own special part in the story, but you’re never really sure who are the good guys and who are the bad guys right up until the finish.

As a huge fan of books based in Britain, this one doesn’t disappoint. It has all the elements of the perfect British mystery. I enjoyed the story as well as the characters. I have not read any of Cleeves novels before, but I certainly am going to add them to my to read list after this book.

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