Things You Save in a Fire

By Katherine Center

** Publication Date 13 August 2019 **

Cassie is a 20-something firefighter in Austin, Texas. She has climbed the ranks with her fearless, yet level-headed approach to being a firefighter. Originally destined for medical school, she first became and EMT and then moved on to being a paramedic when she realized how much this suited her personality. She’s tiny but powerful. And her mannerisms make her a perfect fit for the firehouse.

When presented with an award from the city for a heroic effort, she is face to face with someone from her past. Her reaction changes the course of her life. Cassie is confronted with things that she can’t treat the same way she could in the past. What was once easy is now hard. Cassie is forced to learn many lessons about herself and forgiveness along the way.

I didn’t quite know how to categorize this book as I read it. At times it felt like a romance novel, but then it would detour off into contemporary fiction or suspense. It is a book that can’t be simply classified into one genre or another. It is about family and love and life and the wrenches that are often thrown our way just when we think we have it all figured out.  It was a great read. I didn’t expect to love it the way I did, or to quite fall in love with Cassie the way I did. Katherine Center made Cassie real not so much with her bravery, but with her more fallible characteristics. In fact, there is a lot of human frailty in this book. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend.

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