The Suffering of Strangers

(Anderson & Costello Thrillers)

By: Caro Ramsay

** Publication Date  6 July 2019 (US – previously published in the UK) **

Apparently I’m very late to the Caro Ramsay party. This is book #9 in the Anderson & Costello series. Where have I been hiding? Police procedurals set in Scotland, these are crime thrillers that I’m sorry I’ve missed. If you have missed them as well, never fear, you can start at any time with this one. You don’t need to have read the previous books.

Roberta is an exhausted mother driving her 6 week old son around in the car to try to get him to stop screaming. Just as soon as he quiets, her husband calls to tell her to stop at the store and pick up some champagne. Should she just run in quickly and grab a bottle? Why not. She parks within view of the store’s window and pops in. Even though both she and the shopkeeper are keeping watch, by the time Roberta hops back in the vehicle, her baby Sholto is gone and in his place is a different baby. So the story begins.

This is a twisting and turning character laden story. Yes, there are a lot of characters to keep track of, but each one is unique in its own way. I didn’t struggle after the first couple of chapters (even being new to the series.) The story is well written, a number of crimes and bad behavior take place. There are also references that seem to lead to both previous and future tales. While I’ve missed out on Caro Ramsay’s previous books, I know that there are plenty to catch up with. 

Highly recommend if you’re a fan of mystery, suspense & crime.

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