The Liar in the Library

A Fethering Village Mystery

By: Simon Brett

** Publication Date 6 June 2019 **

Jude is a healer – trained in the art of helping people to heal themselves. Along the way to this place she has been many other things, including model, actress and restauranteur. Living in Fethering, a small coastal village has been good to Jude. She lives in Woodside Cottage. Next door to her home is High Tor, her neighbor Carole’s home. Carole and Jude have been known to solve a mystery or two to the chagrin of the local law enforcement.

Tonight Jude is at the Fethering Library, a place that simply doesn’t get enough use anymore, The head librarian Di is now booking authors to visit the Fethering Library to drum up both some use and interest. For a small sum, the locals of Fethering have come tonight to hear the author Burton St. Clair speak about his novel Stray Leaves in Autumn. Jude is here because Burton, once known as Al Sinclair, was married previously to her friend, Megan, an actress. For some reason, when Al and Megan divorced, Jude lost touch with them. Since Burton would be speaking in her hometown, she thought she would pay him a visit.

Turns out that Burton is still the womanizer he was back when he was known as Al and married to Megan. After offering Jude a ride home, he comes on to her. Jude will have none of this. She storms off and walks home in the pouring rain. The next morning, she is paid a visit from the local police.

This was my first visit to Fethering. I can guarantee it won’t be my last. Brett has written a cozy, fun mystery to follow, and I would guess that his others are the same. Jude is very likable, and with her friend Carole, make a great sleuthing team. I did not entirely expect the outcome of the story, which makes a mystery more fun. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.


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