The Girl in the Grave (Beth Adams Book 1)

By Helen Phifer

** Publication Date 16 July 2019 **

Beth Adams is a forensic pathologist with a past. At one time she was a successful ER doctor, but changed paths to become a pathologist after a tragic event in her life. She’s on the scene of a gruesome find – the body of a young woman in a grave that has recently been exhumed. Josh Walker is the Detective Sergeant assigned to find out what happened to that girl in the grave. Some years ago, DS Walker had been the one to help save Dr. Beth Adams.

The Girl in the Grave is the first in a new series of crime mysteries. The team of DS Walker and Dr. Adams are well suited to solving crimes. DS Walker handles the police end of things, and Dr Adams the human forensics. The background story of how Dr Adams became a forensic pathologist is an important part of this initial book. Why she chose to leave her profession as an A&E (or ER here in the US) doctor and switch to working with the dead. The mystery of the girl in the grave is a page turner. While you will have your suspicions along the way of who is guilty, you won’t be able to put your finger on it. 

This book is definitely a page turner. Beth’s story brings a very personal touch to both her job and her character. Much like the comparison to Jack Klugman’s Quincy, she is a doctor with a heart. DS Walker is very likable, as well as the other detectives with whom he works. Since this is the first in a series, I expect there will be many more adventures with this team to come. I am looking forward to them. 

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