Biohacked & Begging

By Stephen Oram

** Publication Date 12 April 2019 **

I picked this one up because I had read Fluence by Stephen Oram. I was curious to see/read some other work by this author. Also, this is a book of short stories, so quick reads.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Stephen Oram has the ability to transport you into a future world where we have been changed by technology. Some of the stories address actual implants that affect human lives, some are external technologies. There is a short story related to Fluence in this collection, which I definitely enjoyed.  Overall I thought that the collection was interesting. There were some stories I enjoyed more than others. That is the nice thing about a short story collection, there isn’t a huge time investment, and you can stop after one story.  Definitely a fan of Mr. Oram’s style, Biohacked & Begging is an excellent read.

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