A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD

A Radical Guide for Women with ADHDBy Sari Solden MS and Michelle Frank PsyD

** Publication Date 1 July 2019**

Generally I do not enjoy reading self-help books. This one grabbed my attention, because as someone with ADHD, and the parent of someone with ADHD, I wondered what new info or help could be gained. I was instantly surprised with how much resonated with me. Topics that I never considered to be ADHD related were suddenly revealed to me. 

A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD walks you through the process of confronting uncomfortable facts of living with ADHD. ADHD is not all about not being able to sit still, or pay attention properly, or get things done. ADHD has so many other facets that leak into our everyday lives. Feelings of unworthiness or shame at how we live cause us to be one person on the inside and quite another on the outside. Without confronting these differences and accepting our challenges, we hide who we really are from the rest of the world.

This guide asks you to face those challenges of ADHD and accept that while we are different, different doesn’t mean bad or worthless or less than. Our ADHD traits may actually benefit us in many ways. Solden and Frank give us lessons from their own experiences as well as others. Each chapter addresses something that is common amongst women with ADHD, though we each may manifest it differently. The chapters ask questions. Questions that make you think about what it might be that you are locking away or avoiding because of your ADHD. It is a new and radical way of approaching ADHD.

“Women hide not from judgement itself but from the anticipation of pain, disappointment, and disconnection. While it seems that acts of hiding protect us from such discomfort and pain, these protective behaviors exact a large price as we diminish our own light. Instead of blocking and protecting, hiding actually keeps us farther away from what we long for.”

This particular passage resonated with me. This is only one of the many passages that will resonate with women who live every day with their ADHD. 

If you are one of those women, or living with one, I highly recommend this book. It has changed me (baby steps) for the better. I will continue to use it as a workbook to try to gain more acceptance of my differences in my every day life. I can’t recommend this book enough. 

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