Mimic (The Prodigy Chronicles, Book Two)

book cover MimicBy C.L. Denault

** Publication Date 22 March 2019**

Willow is a teenage girl with a special gift. She is what is considered a prodigy in this new dystopian world. In book two of this series, Willow is living in the Core and expected to conform to what it is to be a prodigy. But Willow has a secret. She has skills that exceed normal prodigies. And Willow is the heiress to the greatest prodigy of them all. Will she be able to yield to the demands of her biological mother Morry? And will she ever be able to fit in the shoes of her impostor Morrigan? When you are sixteen and struggling with all of this, in addition to learning about your new skills, it’s a lot to manage.

Willow, Reece, Morry, Fenn, Gem and the others are each individual and special. Willow’s relationship with her biological mother Morry is tenuous. Not unusual for a teenage girl to struggle with her mother, but Morry is a piece of work. She has hired ice cold Commander Kristoffe to watch over Willow, and she seems to take pleasure in every misstep of Willow’s. Fenn, her biological father, wants to be her father in every way. Yet he is Morry’s companion and puts her wishes ahead of Willow’s. Commander Reece is the beautiful and steady officer that was in charge of Willow. Willow, has completely fallen for him, in addition to bargaining with Morry for his continued service to the House of Roanoke. And sweet Gem is Willow’s only real friend in this new world. As a servant, Gem can only do so much, but without her, Willow would be lost. Denault’s character development is brilliant and allows the reader to feel their emotions and substance. 

I completely loved Mimic , a YA novel about life in dystopian England in the mid 21st century. Having not read book one, I was concerned I might be a bit lost, but Denault does a wonderful job of explaining and recapping what had happened previously. While I will most definitely go back and read book one now, you could read this as a standalone. But why would you want to? With such an amazing setting and characters, Mimic and The Prodigy Series fill every YA and dystopian fan’s dreams. 

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