How Not to Die Alone

Cover of How Not to Die AloneBy Richard Roper

** Publication Date 28 May 2019**

Andrew works for the local council handling death. Not death as in the coroner’s way of handling, Andrew looks after those who have passed without family or friends to take care of them. Otherwise known as “public health passings.” Tasked with checking the deceased’s home for anything that might lead him to a relative or money to pay for the funeral, Andrew is very respectful of the dead. Well, why not? He might be one of them one day.

Poor Andrew. He lives alone in a sad little bedsit with his model train collection and Ella Fitzgerald records. Andrew has a small group of online friends through his model train forum, but even those don’t really count, as he’s never met them. He works with three people he barely knows, nor really wants to know. Until Peggy comes along. Peggy comes to work with Andrew and assist him with the processing of the dead. And possibly shake up Andrew’s world in a way he never could have imagined.

How Not to Die Alone is a wonderful novel about being alone, not necessarily lonely. Roper has gifted us with a story that resonates with what it is like to be a full adult, working full time and living, but not really living. Andrew truly believes that his life is perfectly fine the way it is, and Roper makes us believe that as well. Right up until something, or someone, shakes it up and tosses it to the wind. Andrew is sad but loveable. Peggy is the kind of woman everyone needs in her life – bold, outspoken, honest. Rich, full characters with plenty of flaws make this book believable and fun. I loved every minute of this story (and would love to know what happens next!)

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