Daisy Jones & The Six

book coverBy Taylor Jenkins Reid

** Publication Date  5 March 2019 **

One of the best books I’ve read all year. Yes, it’s totally hyped, but that doesn’t diminish what a great story this is. Daisy Jones is such a compelling character. She’s practically raised herself on Sunset Boulevard in the shadow of the great rock houses – the Troubador, the Whisky, the Rainbow. Daisy was born to be a star. As her friend Simone recounts in the book, “If the rest of the world was silver, Daisy was gold.” She’s who she is and doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. The only attention Daisy might crave is that of her parents. But this is the 70s, and they are too self-absorbed to even realize when Daisy moves out of the house.

Now add in a rock band from Pittsburgh. The Six was formed with the two Dunne brothers, Billy and Graham. Billy Dunne was born to be a star as well. He is beautiful and has the ability to draw all eyes to him. His wife Camila said, “Billy had charisma.” Along with the rest of The Six, Karen, Warren, Eddie and Pete, the band was doing well enough to start booking real gigs across the country. Eventually they moved to Los Angeles. And the rest is history. The Six hooked up with Daisy Jones. The combination of Daisy and Billy was magical. So the story goes.

The format of the book was great. Relaying the info to the reader in magazine article format allowed the use of each person’s voice in an easy to follow way. The concept of Daisy as this magical waif who becomes a rock star is so possible back in those days. The Six could have been any of the bands that made it back then. I grew up in the shadow of Sunset Boulevard, so for me, this was like visiting home. While I was a good decade behind Daisy, I still have memories of visiting most of the places that Daisy visited. In this way the story became very real for me. Perhaps that was one reason I truly connected with it. 

I loved the Billy/Daisy story. And while Eddie felt it was all about Daisy/Billy, the novel really wasn’t. There were so many layers and characters that lent their voices to the story. Daisy/Billy may have been the headline, but there always is more to a story than just a headline. There were twists and unexpected occurrences. Surprises and not so surprising events. I truly could not put this one down. Taylor Jenkins Reid has written a novel to remember.

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