The Invited

Book Cover The InvitedBy Jennifer McMahon

** Publication Date 30 April 2019 **

I used to love mysteries/thrillers/suspense novels. And then for a long time I couldn’t read them because I couldn’t sleep at night. Now I’ve delved back into them, and I am finding some amazing books out there.  The Invited is one of those. It borders on ghost story creepy, but with twists that are fun to encounter.

Nate & Helen are two young schoolteachers who yearn for the “simpler” life. They decide to buy a parcel of land in a very small town, give up their jobs, and spend a year building a home by themselves on said land. Sounds like a dream to me? But what if the land you choose is haunted? What if you encounter strange things like white does and raccoons chewing through your plumbing? Okay, the second not so bad, but the first? 

Turns out that Nate & Helen’s land was the site of a witch hanging back in the 1920s. Hattie was a single mother who lived on this land. She built her house with her own hands and was raising her daughter Jane alone. The townspeople were okay with her witchy ways when they needed them, but they were angered by them when it didn’t suit them. When one of her premonitions leads to devastation in the community, the community fights back.

Nate and Helen buy the land on the cheap, because the seller just wants to get rid of it. Once they move into his old trailer on the land, strange things start happening. Things that lead them to believe someone doesn’t want them there. The question is, is that someone alive? Or dead?

I found the depth of this book rather appealing. It wasn’t just a story about ghosts, or stranger than average small towns, but a story about a young married couple trying to build a life together. All while trying to build a home in a strange little town with strange happenings. It is a book about tolerance for things that aren’t what we are used to, and acceptance that people may foster different beliefs. It is also a story of greed and trickery. 

This book gets 4.5 stars from me, cause it was enjoyable, interesting, spooky and overall good. I loved reading it and would recommend it!

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