Only One Life

By Ashley Farley

** Publication Date 23 April 2019 **

When there is a choice between love and money, which one do you choose? In Only One Life, Julia chose love. Dropping out of college and running off with the man of her dreams, Julia has no regrets. They are so happy together living in a small cottage on Edisto Island. They are finally about to have a baby! Life is nearly perfect. Except when it isn’t. Julia’s life changes dramatically one stormy night on Edisto Island. Now she has some major choices to make in her life. Can she go crawling back to the money?

This is a beautifully written story about love and perseverance. Set in the south on Edisto Island and Beaufort, SC, it has all the makings of a southern drama. Julia grew up in a wealthy southern family that was always somewhat dysfunctional. She fought constantly with her sister Alex, their father is distant, and their mother works far too hard to keep the peace and the family together. It’s no wonder that Julia sought out happiness elsewhere. Ashley Farley puts Julia in a quandary of making that horrible choice between family, money & love, and then puts her right back into it. So many secrets and lies bind this family and break them apart.

I really enjoyed the journey of getting to know Julia. The history of her mother, Iris, and how she managed to stay in a clearly unhappy marriage. This is a strong story about women and what they will endure for the sake of their children. Well crafted characters make the read enjoyable, if not a tad formulaic. Still I whizzed through this one in just a couple of nights, because I wanted to see what was in store for Julia.

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