Schoolgirl Missing

By Sue Fortin

** publication date 10 January 2019 **

Goodreads has this listed as the most gripping page turner of 2019. I don’t know that I’d go that far, but I will say that it definitely is a page turner.

Neve is a 30 something adoptive mother of Poppy. Poppy is mentally challenged. We never quite know how, but she definitely doesn’t have the emotional development of a 15 year old girl. Kit is Poppy’s father. Kit lost his wife in the childbirth of Poppy, and now refuses to even discuss the possibility of future children with Neve. Neve is hiding something from Kit, but wanting a child is not her secret.

Kit works in boat sales and is quite successful. They have a beautiful home in a beautiful small community. Kit is married to his job and Neve is married to him. Neve takes primary care for the household and Poppy at Kit’s urging. But Neve doesn’t feel fulfilled. No matter how much she cares for Poppy, she wants a child of her own. 

On a family boating trip, Neve and Kit drink a bit too much and wake to discover Poppy is missing. Being that Poppy is not completely sound of mind, this is even more worrisome. The police are called, fliers are made and handed out. Kit is beside himself. Neve tries to keep it together. But do all the pieces add up?

I found the beginning of the book a bit slow, but once it picked up speed, I couldn’t wait to hear how this one turned out. If you enjoy the Gone Girl type of mystery/thriller, this one is for you. It’s somewhat dark, and somewhat sad, but it keeps the mind working to figure out just exactly what’s happening here. I would definitely recommend this one.

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