Glow: Book I, Potency

By Aubrey Hadley

** Publication Date 16 July 2019 **

What would happen if you found yourself all alone in a quarantined neighborhood where all your neighbors were dying of sleeping sickness, and your mother and brother and sister had escaped prior to the quarantine? What if you started noticing glowing creatures out in the desert near your house? While I think most of us would freak out, our protagonist, Harper somehow manages to keep it all together.

Harper is your mostly average teenager living in Reno, NV. She’s homeschooled, but plays soccer on a club team with her best friend Maria. She’s a brilliant science student, looking forward to studying biology in college. Her mom is rather protective and obsessive which drives Harper nuts. She adores her little sister Olivia and tolerates her older brother Brett.

When the sleeping syndrome first hits the United States, there isn’t much to worry about in Reno, but then it seems to be spreading. Harper’s mom becomes even more protective of her, not wanting her to even leave the house to play soccer. Harper and her mom argue. Harper runs out and finds weird black, glowing humanlike figures in the desert. She’s sure these things are after her. Then her family disappears without her, and the CDC and military lock down her neighborhood, which is really where the story begins.

This is a YA sci-fi/paranormal/fantasy novel that takes some interesting twists and turns. It was sometimes a slow read, but overall, the story was unusual enough to keep me going until the end. As this states it is book one, I would probably stick around to see what happens in book two. 

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