She Lies in Wait

By Gytha Lodge

** Publication date 8 January 2019 **

This book left me wondering almost until the end what went wrong one fateful night thirty years ago. A well played mystery by Gytha Lodge, this first novel in the Jonah Sheens series left me wanting more. More mysteries, more tales to tell. While this book wrapped up one story, it sure left the door open on Jonah.

Aurora Jackson is a beautiful, flighty teenage girl who just wants acceptance from her sister and her sister’s friends. When her sister and a group of friends are heading to the woods for a night of partying and camping, Aurora is included. As the day goes into night, Aurora feels awkward and not really part of the group. Until one of them, Benners, gets Aurora drunk. Too drunk. So that Aurora gets violently ill and crawls off to sleep on her own.

The next morning when a group of teenagers wake very hungover, they realize that Aurora has disappeared. They search and search for her, but no trace is ever found. Until thirty years  have passed, and a new investigation into the missing persons case is started back up. What happened to poor Aurora and why is the case reopened thirty years later? It’s a great mystery that kept me turning the pages to find out.

Gytha Lodge delivers a novel written in current and past tense. Each chapter takes us a step further in today’s investigation and what really happened on that night thirty years prior. I loved the format. It kept me wondering and guessing who did what, as each subsequent chapter led me to believe something different. I was surprised at the end, and as I said, I look forward to seeing what’s in store next for Jonah Sheens, the detective who began the investigation thirty years ago, and finished it now.

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