Dry Hard

By Nick Spalding

** publication date 8 January 2019 **

Sometimes I find books humorous enough to make me smile. This book had me laughing so hard that my husband asked me what was so funny. Nick Spalding has an amazing way with words. Dry Hard was a sweet, serious, but touching book about one family’s fight against alcoholism.

Meet Kate & Scott, two 30-something worker bees who seem to have a wee problem with alcohol.  While the first two chapters delve into the more humorous aspects of what their lives are like, the next chapter exposes us to how their behavior affects their teenage daughter. It’s heartbreaking to see how what they do makes her so unhappy, but she has one novel way of dealing with her angst. Her teenage vlog lets her journal her life for the world to see. And after one rather frightening night of seeing her parents drunken behavior ruin yet another holiday, she decides to use her vlog to expose their behavior to the world. 

Holly uploads the video of her parents enjoying their holiday just a tad too much. The video goes viral unexpectedly and the repercussions ensue. While Kate and Scott are mortified to know the world has seen them behaving badly, Holly wants to use this to her advantage to get them to quit drinking. This is how our story gets moving into the year of sobriety for Kate and Scott.

Even though alcoholism is not a funny subject, Nick Spalding does an amazing job of allowing us to see human frailty and recognize that these people were just doing their best when the alcohol took over their lives. Stress and other influences took what was once just a social and occasional thing to another level. I really appreciated how Spalding dealt with such a tough subject in a way that most of us can relate to.


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