The Little Book Café: Amy’s Story

By Georgia Hill

** Publication Date: 19 October 2018 **

What a charming place The Little Book Cafe is. Set in seaside England, The Little Book Cafe series picks up where The Cupcake Cafe series leaves off. Amy manages this fabulous bookstore in Berecombe and introduces us to the many characters who frequent the store. Amy grew up in the town prior to moving to Singapore for her father’s job. When her father divorces her mother, mom & Amy move back to Berecombe. 

Amy’s mother is constantly critiquing Amy’s life, especially since Amy was jilted nearly at the altar. Amy has found herself managing a bookstore and living in an attic apartment which makes her very happy. Sadly, though, with the jilting and her mother, she struggles with her self-esteem. Amy’s friends Tash & Emma try to encourage her, and Patrick, the handsome author who is often at the bookstore, seems to fancy her, but Amy doesn’t have the confidence to find out.

This is the third book in The Little Book Cafe series. I had never read any of the previous books by Georgia Hill, but having enjoyed this one immensely, I think I will go right back to The Cupcake Cafe and start there. Hill has created a space that I would love to visit. The characters are wonderful – from the animal loving Tash to the aloof Marti, each woman brings a different vibe to the story. Grab the new compilation that has all three stories in one and enjoy!!

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