On Little Wings

By Regina Sirois

Another of my “owned, to-read” list that I’ve had forever. I am so happy I got around to this one. On Little Wings presents us with a family with lots of secrets. While Jennifer is poking around the family bookcase one day, she comes across an old photo that is quite a resemblance to herself. With this she realizes that the truths she’s been told, are not quite truth at all. 

Jennifer embarks on a quest to find out who this person is and capture her history that she never knew existed. Jennifer is fierce. She is a brave teenager. She meets other such brave characters along the way. Nathan, who is brilliant but also rather quirky. Nathan’s family of women, each unique and precious. Her aunt Sarah who fosters both her independence and her need to find herself on this journey. Little, once a movie star, now has her own secrets to share.

I never expected to be swept into this world so completely. I couldn’t wait to finish this book and share it. Jennifer is inspiring. I am not often brought to tears by a book, but this one managed to. This is a YA novel that will appeal to readers of all ages. 

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