My Squirrel Days

By Ellie Kemper

***Publication date 9-October-2018***

Let me start by saying I think Ellie Kemper is adorable. Funny, genuine, the type of person you want to be friends with. Also, I never watched The Office, nor The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (though the latter has been on my to-watch list forever.) When this book came up as an advanced read, I had to read it. I wasn’t disappointed.

The Ellie Kemper I’ve admired comes across loud and clear on the pages. She shares stories from childhood and adulthood that are sweet and comical. Stories that you can hear her telling in her own voice. I loved reading about her childhood creating plays that Ellie would force her best friend and sister to perform (have to admit, we used to be forced to do the same thing in my family.) Loved her stories about not being college’s greatest field hockey player, despite being her high school’s greatest. Especially loved the back story on auditioning for SNL.

I am not a huge fan of autobiographies or memoirs. The only ones that I gravitate toward are those written by funny people, because let’s face it, life is pretty grim already. No one needs anything else depressing in their lives. And celebrity memoirs often feel like pages of name dropping (or name hiding) and a window into “look how great I am.” Comedians tend to be more self-deprecating and honest.

So if you are in for a good read, not pee your pants funny, but humorous and honest, pick this one up. Can be read really quickly and in short bursts. Ellie is fun. I would love to have bike 12 right next to Ellie in the next Rooster SoulCycle class.

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