The Apocalypse Journal of Wilmer Augustine Rendon

by Nathan Shaker


This is a book I’ve had in my “owned/to-read” collection for a while. I’m glad I finally got around to reading it. While both funny and tragic, it is a story focused on the end-days hype of 2012 and the self-fulfilling prophecies that befall society.

Wilmer is a fabulous character. A very charming and funny teenager forced to keep a journal for his class on the end days, or Apocalyptic Studies and Survival Skills class, he shares the end of the world with us through his eyes. He hopes for a first date before the end. Having lost his father not too long ago, he struggles to deal with both his own emotions and his mother who swings between emotions like a pendulum. 

Shaker does a great job of humorously presenting the world as it prepares for the end, while still showing how humanity can so easily be broken down by fear. I am reminded of the episode of The Twilight Zone, A Monster on Maple Street, by this tale. Man has no one to fear more than himself. 

My only gripe with this novel was the lack of editing for spelling and grammar. Words are misused, misspelled or missed altogether. It’s as though this was never edited prior to publication. (hence the 3 stars rather than 4 – honestly the story is a 4!) While the topic was probably more relevant in 2012, it’s still brutally honest and funny today. Or maybe this is a topic that is never irrelevant. Man is the one thing we have to fear.

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