Summer on the Little Cornish Isles: The Starfish Studio

by Phillipa Ashley

**publication date 9 July 2018**

A fan of Britain based books, this is the ultimate summer beach read. I had never even heard of the Little Cornish Isles before I read this book, and now, I want to live there. Phillipa Ashley does such a beautiful job of describing the area, it sounds like the perfect locale. Who wouldn’t want to run away from real life and start a new one on a tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean? Sign me up.

Poppy McGregor is a 30-something on vacation with her significant other, Dan, on the island of St Piran (which according to the author’s note is a product of her imagination.)  They stumble upon The Starfish Studio. Dan is not amused to think that Poppy will be bringing home more local trinkets, but surprisingly, once inside the studio, he is transfixed. On a whim, Dan suggests that he and Poppy give up their jobs and their lives in Staffordshire and move to an island. Poppy is shocked, but is willing to give the idea a thought.

Pop forward three years and life has absolutely changed for Poppy and Dan. Ashley gives us a story that is a page turner. A light romance that has its twists and turns, ups and downs. The local people of St Pirans are quite the characters, from Kelly the handy-woman to Minty the artist. You’ll find people to love and people to loathe in this story. I admire the pluck of Poppy. She’s a cookie who just needed a little shove to find her toughness.

As I said, this is a fabulous beach read. What could be better than hanging out by the waves while reading about an island? I’ve got to say that if St Piran were real, I’d be making plans to vacation there. What I didn’t know was that this book was part of a series. You can bet I’ll be reading the other two now.

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