Pretty Witches All in a Row (A Nick Gibson Novel)

by Lisa Olsen


This was the first book in the Nick Gibson series by Lisa Olsen. Published back in 2011, it was one of the books on my “own but still haven’t read” list on Kindle. I have a huge list of books that I purchased eons ago and still haven’t gotten around to reading, and this one fell next on this list, between my NetGalley books. The second book in this series was published in 2014 (which gives you a clue as to how behind I really am!)

I loved this. Olsen is a prolific writer who has all the elements in place. Likable protagonist with a backstory, beautiful and interesting characters, a little bit of witchcraft, toss in some suspense and you’ve got a novel. It’s a standard, but well-done, format that makes for an easy and enjoyable read. I hadn’t ever read any other books by Olsen, but if I wanted a good quick pick-me-up book, she would be a good choice.

Nick Gibson is a sergeant in the local police force. A single dad to Veronica (who is so compelling on her own, I think she deserves her own book series!) who relocated to suburban Oregon from Los Angeles, he finds himself on a case involving witches. Not the pointy hat kind, but the new age, Wiccan kind. Annaliese is a beautiful witch who owns a new-age store in her old Victorian home. Throw in some other coven members, each one a little bit different and unusual, and a murder spree, and you’ve got a suspense novel with some romance. I loved Nick. He’s the kind of upstanding, handsome, charming cop that only comes in books. Anna reminds me of the girl next door with a pagan twist. You want her to not be the killer. The series of murders definitely puts the spotlight on several members of the coven, and while I suspected the real killer all along, there were times that I wondered if maybe I was wrong. The reason for the killings gives this a whole new dimension.

I absolutely would pick up the next book in this series, because I want to know what happens next to Nick. I believe that these books could be read as stand-alone novels, but why would you?



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