Magic Unmasked (Conspiracy of Magic 0.5)

 By Megan Crewe

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Magic Unmasked is a prequel to Crewe’s new series, Conspiracy of Magic. I read Ruthless Magic and loved it. (see review here) Crewe was kind enough to gift me the prequel.

Magic Unmasked takes place nearly four decades prior to Ruthless Magic. We meet Jonathan Lockwood, son and grandson of a very prominent Mage family in New York. Jonathan is handsome and charming. He is also a talented Mage. He comes across Amy, just your average, redheaded, girl next door, who doesn’t know she has magical talents.

We watch the story and teenage love affair unfold between Jonathan and Amy during the 1980s. Magic is still hidden in this world. So when Jonathan finds Amy, he doesn’t quite know what to do, as Mages from non-Mage families are not yet accepted into the Mage world. Still, Jonathan feels compelled to make Amy part of his world, defying all rules that have been set before him.

Amy is at first shocked to realize that Jonathan wants to be part of her life, and even more shocked when she discovers that not only is he magical, but so is she. Amy doesn’t quite know what to do with her talent or how to approach making it part of her non-Mage life. Jonathan does his best to help her, all while getting rather romantic.

This story is a great prequel, giving us the background behind magic prior to the “unmasking.” I hope that both Amy and Jonathan might make an appearance down the road in one of the future novels in the series. 

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