By MA George

Meet Perry, one teenage girl with a vivid dreamlife. Until the reality hits that her dreams aren’t really dreams at all, but alternate realities in which she lives. M.A.George hits it out of the ballpark with this fantasy/scifi book that brings into question all of our realities. Are we really dreaming or are we visiting another Scape that we inhabit.

It’s a crazy concept, but one that George handles with ease. Perry’s primary locale is right there in Oregon where she lives with her crazy Aunt Jessamine. Her brother Ezra lives not far away on campus at Oregon State. Perry thinks she just has these life-like dreams that keep her sleepwalking through her days, but suddenly, it comes to her that she’s not just dreaming.

The title of the book gives away the concept here. Perry is “shifting” through different worlds. She’s not the only one who can do it, but there are plenty in every world who can’t. Like learning a new language, Perry struggles to grasp these concepts. When something tragic happens in one of her Scapes, she doesn’t have time to ease into the Shifting. This tragedy has to be rectified quickly.

George’s dialogue flows easily through the story. I found her descriptions of the different worlds captivating. The alternate realities are everything from caveman to space age. Fascinating yet familiar, everything is so well described that it’s easy to picture each place that Perry visits. I’d liken this book to traveling with the Doctor. You’re going to see a lot of new and fantastic things.

Loved this book. Truly hoping that it doesn’t end at this one, because I can see where this world will lend itself to many future books in the multiverse. Perry and Max are both very likable protagonists. I’m wondering where they will end up next.


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