Ruthless Magic

by Megan Crewe

**Book will be released 30 May 2018 **


Another twist on the Hunger Games, this time with a magical theme. Ruthless Magic is a fantasy world that definitely would appeal to those who enjoyed Hunger Games. It has similar themes of family, class and teenage struggles. Epic internal and external challenges face these characters throughout the book. Ruthless Magic does not present a fairy tale to us – it is gritty and raw at times, happy and light at others. It is through Finn and Roćio that we learn all about magic, and its place in this new world. Add in a few more assorted characters to round out this brilliant story, and you’ll be hooked into the series.

Finn Lockwood is the first character we meet in the book. Finn is handsome, well-spoken and a youth from an old-magic family. Finn struggles with his magic, but has always attended the finest magic academy. He is irresistible as our so-called hero. A boy that the girls can’t help but love.

Finn’s best friend Prisha comes from an old-money family that is new to magic. We encounter them as they are waiting for their letters to arrive for inclusion in a magic university. Finn is nearly guaranteed to be Chosen, because of his ties to old magic, while Prisha, a much more talented mage, will likely not be Chosen. Such is the world that we are introduced to in this book.

In this future society, magic is unmasked. Magic lives alongside non-magic (otherwise known as Dulls.) However, it appears that they don’t live happily side by side. The non-magic are still fearful of the magic. Non-magic realizes that the magic side of things can help with things like defense, so non-magic reluctantly goes along with having magic exist. This is why the Confederacy of Magic must be so careful with the new magic families – to ensure that magic is not used for the wrong purposes.

Roćio comes from a new-magic family. She has not had the luck of going to the finest schools to be trained in magical ways. Her parents are no longer allowed to carry full magic. She is a talented mage, but being new-magic, she may never be allowed to reach her full potential. Roćio is smart and sweet and convicted about her beliefs. She is a strong female hero.

Too many YA books are written down to the reader, rather than written at a level that both adults and young adults can enjoy. Megan Crewe excels at making her books enjoyable for readers of all ages, though I would caution that there are some dark themes in this book that might not be appropriate for younger readers.  Crewe puts together a world that would be frightening and exciting all at once. Once I got through the first few chapters of this story, I found I couldn’t put it down. The peril of reading the first book in a new series? Knowing the wait will be long for book two. 


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